Hunterdon Care Center’s warm and home-like environment is ideal for seniors or others who need living assistance, medical supervision, or extended care. Our approach in long-term care places a strong emphasis on restorative care, maximizing each patient’s potential function and mobility.

At Hunterdon Care Center, we foster an environment that is upbeat and enthusiastic; residents truly relish and appreciate life. We also promote an atmosphere of independence, encouraging residents to select their activity choices, and to perform as self-sufficiently as possible. This is crucial for emotional, social, and physical health. Our Social Services Department works hard to ensure that every resident thrives socially, emotionally, and spiritually.

Perhaps the most important component of our long-term care program is our renowned nursing staff.Our caregivers treat seniors as they would treat their own parents – with compassion and respect.


In addition to our regular long term care program, Hunterdon Care Center also offers:

  Respite care for families on vacation
  Hospice care, administered by specially trained caregivers