Orthopedists, cardiologists, and other area specialists know where to send their patients for their post-surgical and other short-term rehab needs: Hunterdon Care Center. HCC is favored by medical professionals throughout Hunterdon County because of our proven track record. Our therapists have achieved remarkable results, helping patients regain mobility, range of motion, functionality, and quality of life.

The caregivers at Hunterdon are focused on getting patients on their feet and back home again as quickly as possible. That’s why HCC offers therapy seven days a week, not just five or six like many other centers.


Using specialized equipment and therapeutic techniques, Hunterdon Care Center provides outstanding rehabilitative and post-surgical care for a broad range of needs, including:

  Hip or knee replacement
  Post-surgery recovery
  Complex wound care
  Motor vehicle trauma
  Cardiac rehabilitation
  Diabetes monitoring and care
  Pain management
  IV Therapy
  Tracheotomy care
  Gastrostomy care