“It’s the way we care!”
That’s our motto at Hunterdon, and you can see how our staff really lives by that ideal. Our caregivers are devoted to helping patients get better as quickly as possible, and to making their experience a positive one.

At Hunterdon Care Center, “Care” is our middle name, and it means much more than medical and therapeutic care. It means “care” as in “I care about you.” It means getting involved: understanding each individual's specific needs and tastes, and going the extra mile to accommodate them.

At Hunterdon, we maintain a high caregiver/patient ratio, with RN’s on duty during all shifts. Our caregivers are selected for their technical skills as well as for their compassion and empathy; they are specially trained to meet the specific medical, emotional, and social needs of their patients.

As much as we can, we avoid using agency staffing; we prefer caregivers who we have trained in, and who are familiar with our exacting standards and protocol. Additionally, we endeavor to maintain consistency of caregivers.

We are proud of our staff, whose loyalty and sense of mission are legendary.